From August 1st to 19th, 2018

The “Agosto Montefalchese” is one of the most successful summer events in all of Umbria: for two weeks, evenings are enlivened by music, dance and theatre shows. The event then culminates in the highlight of the two weeks, the “Fuga del bove” (Flight of the Bull). Another highlight of the historical re-enactment is the parade counting about 400 people taking on Renaissance costumes; the parade features life moments and situations typical of the period between the 15th and 16th centuries, a period in which Montefalco was at the peak of its artistic and cultural splendour. In the days preceding the “Fuga del bove” there are also performances by flag-wavers and tambourines, with teams facing off to get the “Falco d’oro” and the “Gara della Balestra” awards. Moreover, the four taverns, one for each district, remain open and allow you to taste traditional Umbrian dishes and wines in an evocative setting.