From June 14th to 24th, 2018

The end of June is when the “Mercato delle Gaite” takes place in Bevagna, a medieval town which is famous precisely for this 10-day event. A unique historical re-enactment comes to life following an accurate study of the old Statute of the Municipality of Bevagna (Mevania): the four quarters in which Bevagna was once divided (which in the Middle Ages were called ‘Gaite’) challenge each other, interpreting the role they played in the Middle Ages and recreating the daily life of the 13th century in great detail and with historical rigor. The ‘Gaite’ bear the names of the four main churches of old Bevagna: Saint John, Saint Mary Filiorum Comitis, Saint Peter, and Saint George, and the “Palio della Vittoria” (the final prize) is awarded on the last day, at the end of four competitions which include the standing of the four ‘Gaite’ in the market, the trades re-enactment, the food on offer, and the archery tournament.