THE CHALLENGE: FROM 01/06/2018 TO 16/06/2018
Opening of the Taverns: June 1st
Historical Parade: June 15th
Joust: June 16th
(AND FROM 31/08 TO 16/09 – THE RE-MATCH)

The “Giostra della Quintana” is a costumed knightly tournament and historical show that takes place in Foligno, with 10 horse and rider pairs, representing 10 respective districts, which challenge each other twice a year. However, the two jousts (Challenge and Re-match) are only the final act of a festival that starts about 2 weeks before, with the opening of the local taverns which will serve traditional dishes from Umbria and from Foligno in particular until the Saturday before the joust takes place. These 2 weeks also include events that involve the entire population, such as playful challenges and historical re-enactments.